Guide to Finding the Right Office Space in London



If you’re searching for a new office for your company, it may initially seem like a challenging task. With dozens of choices to consider and many different folks to please, you find it difficult to start. But by considering the following factors, you will be able to get an inspiring and economical office space that’s right for your business.


Yes, you’ve found an Canary Wharf office space in your desired location, but there’s much more to consider besides the location. Think about other factors that may make your new office space ideal or a nightmare.

Public transport

If you live in London, you will have to think about the nearest underground stations. Are there alternative underground stations during closures? Which lines are closest? As well as the tube, check out the closest mainline station as well as how regular the trains are.


Consider your prospective neighbors, in and around the premises. Are they your competition? Could they cause issues? For instance, a round-the-clock call center shouldn’t be near a nightclub.

Is the potential new office near residential areas? This is one thing you might need to consider and your local government may insist that you have a noise test. To learn more about office space, visit

How is the commute?

A stressful or long journey can put off employees before they’ve even got to the office. Take your employees’ journey into work into account. If you’re moving to another area, consider the effect on your employees’ commutes.


Take into account your competitors’ location. Are they nearby? Can they cause you problems? Are they found where there’s a worse or better reputation?

Local amenities

Life goes on when you’re in the office. You will have your employees run errands during lunch or after work. Find an office near a pharmacy, shopping area and bank and your employees will forever be grateful.


Survey the locality; are there enough eateries around? How far will your employees need to go during lunch break? Also find out if there are suitable venues for take away and dining in.

Other offices

If you staff needs to move between offices, it’s wise to consider the nearness of your prospective new office to your other offices and how simple the travel will be. Know more about Marylbone office space options.

Security of neighborhood

Employees spend at least 8 hours daily at the workplace, so your priority should be to get an office space in a secure neighborhood. Consider the route your employees will need to take to and from the local transport, particularly if they’re traveling on foot.


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